When saying an interesting episode of domestic traveling it is probably t...

I go on a domestic trip once a year with my partner.

I go on a domestic trip once a year with my partner. It is mainly hot-spring trip. A couple of years ago, Mr. Oshima took me to Osaka, Sapporo Osaka, A Twin Ride Express A Royal, it also took me the last ticket for a year. It was Twilight Express departing the day before the diamond revision in March. On the day of departure the wind was strong and it was 30 minutes behind before departure. Besides, we changed the route because of the strong wind. Because it was not a hasty trip, I told you to ride and the trip started, so I changed my mood to have a lot of fun. In the car often eat drink often and arrive in Sapporo 2 hours behind schedule. Because I had been swinging by the train all the time, after all I got off, they were somehow furafura. Because I made a schedule totally individually, I did not inconvenience anyone, and if it says to say strongly, the ramen at the time of arrival came off a bit. The partner was quite sluggish ... now, the Internet era. We repeatedly searched for searches to enjoy sightseeing by experiencing various kinds of things efficiently. 1 day ticket and great admission ticket. Car rental. You can plan as interesting as you can knead as much as you can. Maurice number which I got on Hokkaido after climbing at the ropeway of Mt. It was so cold as to be funny, but I enjoyed the coldness of Hokkaido on a big sled on which a snow car pulled. Susukino, Otaru's sushi and hot springs, and one side of a white car with rental cars also going to cold places when it's cold is a real thrill.

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